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Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

Product Description

Imported from USA

Whether you’re a crafty vet on the water looking to take your skills to the next level or a recreational rider
interested in doing some eye-opening tricks for fun, Water Skiing and Wakeboarding is your guide to tearing up the

Ben Favret’s 25 years of competitive experience have produced numerous gold medals at all levels of competition. In
Water Skiing and Wakeboarding, Favret teaches you how to perfect the skills and turn some heads—and do it safely. In
this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn

· how to select and fit your equipment,

· conditioning both on land and in the water,

· skills for mastering the slalom course,

· essential techniques for wakeboarding,

· the secrets to tricks and jumps used by the pros, and

· how to compete and win.

Hit the water and ride like the pros. Most important, have fun while doing it. Let Water Skiing and Wakeboarding be
your one-stop resource to endless fun and an exhilarating experience on the water!