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Fertility Tracker - Saliva Ovulation Microscope - Monitor Saliva Ferning to Predict Ovulation

Product Description

Has 100X magnification (twice as strong as some lipstick models). A stronger magnification helps you to spot your fertile days long before the competition sees them coming.

Comes with six (6) reusable acrylic slides in a slip case allowing you to "revisit" past days and compare the results. This is very important to those who are insecure about remembering what previous days looked like.

The Fertility Tracker comes with a 44 page instruction booklet covering more than just ferning and how to spot ovulation is coming.

he Fertility Tracker is lightweight - it fits in your purse and your night stand and is only 6 inches high. Comes with two easily replaced AA batteries.

Imported from USA

The Fertility Tracker Saliva Fertility Monitor uses your saliva each day to determine your personal fertility status. It
monitors levels of estrogen known to rise in the pre-ovulation part of the cycle. There are about 6 days in which you
can conceive and the rise of estrogen and subsequent saliva ferning that occurs will help you pinpoint when you are

The Fertility Tracker is the easiest, most affordable way to get the best possible results using saliva ferning methods.
Many other pocketsize microscopes offer simple results but The Fertility Tracker® has the advantage over them all with
it's powerful 100X illuminated magnification. This allows one to notice changes in saliva or cervical patterns earlier
than the smaller microscopes. The Fertility Tracker also has the convenience of small size yet is sturdy.

Where a pocket microscope has one slide surface the The Fertility Tracker comes with a 6 reusable slides, allowing women
to review their previous days results.

This product is ideal for people with longer or irregular cycles.

Friendly and Helpful support is offered by company owner, after you buy for usage issues and other infertility related