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Emergency Air: for Shelter-in-Place Preppers and Home-Built Bunkers

Product Description

Imported from USA

From the author of Living on the Edge and Barbed Wire, Barricades, and Bunkers comes another information-packed
guidebook for today's survivalists, Emergency Air: For Shelter-in-Place Preppers and Home-Built Bunkers. This new book
offers a breath of fresh air on a subject about which very little information is available.

It won't matter how well you plan or how much food, water, and other supplies you have stored and waiting for your
neighborhood to become a nuclear fallout zone. Without breathable air, you will die! Leaving it for others to compile
the lists of bullets, beans, and Band-Aids in their disaster-relief books, F.J. Bohan details how to safely ventilate an
underground bunker or shelter-in-place room, sealed with duct tape and plastic sheeting, so you can escape the airborne
particulate threats of anthrax, nuclear fallout, dirty bombs, biological and pandemic agents, or other airborne threats.
This book educates you about all the variables involved in providing fresh air to your shelter before the need arises,
including passive and active ventilation, air pumps, plumbing the bunker, air filters, and gas masks.

After studying Emergency Air, you can breathe easier knowing you have done all you can to ensure your family's emergency
air supply during a chemical, biological, ¬radiological, or nuclear emergency.