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Auburn Samson Best Hair Loss Concealer Building Fibers Refill Kit With 25grams USA refills All Brands

Product Description

Hot Concept- Refill your empty Toppik xfusion nanogen containers

The best hair building fibers-100% Money back Guarantee

50% of most comparable brands

Instantly fills in balding & thinning areas

Builds hair with natural fibers , No wool, no irritations

Imported from USA

To achieve a full looking healthy hair you need to get good hair coverage from the scalp up. As a user and a person who
nonstop thrive to improve I found Samson hair fibers to be the best product considering all the above: The weight was
perfect some fibers penetrated the hair layers and lay nicely on the scalp. The others adhered well to the hair shafts.
the fiber color blended well for the reason that your hair color can reflect on these fibers too. Samson hair fibers
consisting a variety of fiber sizes, weight and color shades to achieve a balanced natural look. Not all hair fibers,
thickeners, concealers alike: They are made with various materials and techniques with one common goal to achieve better
hair coverage and give you a great looking hair.ToppikTM is probably the most used and known brand, Toppik is known to
be made of wool (sheep hair) wool can be irritating especially in the summer time, I personally used ToppikTM and I used
to go crazy not understanding why my scalp is so itchy until I found out it was made of wool. There are quiet few brands
out there...I have tried them all and so my friends. Some were too dark or light but the major problem with most hair
fiber brands was the size and weight of the fibers: Remember, we need the fibers to hold on to our own hair longer and
better, it should also cover our scalp somehow to create an illusion of full dark hair. Some brand fibers were too heavy
and could not cling to the hair for long time simply sliding down on your scalp to your forehead, neck and behind your
ears (felt like sand). Some hair fibers were too light and stayed on top of your hair "bulk up" and did not penetrate
deeper and the more you tried to add hair fibers it looked worse.Other brands were made of materials that did not blend
into the natural hair color and feel and in certain light you could tell the obvious difference. Samson Hair fibers has
all the unique characteristics to blend and look natural from the start.