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Julian Bakery Gluten Free & Keto USDA Organic Paleo Wraps (2 Pack) (14 Individual Wraps)

Product Description

100% Paleo, Keto, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Best Of All Delicious w/ 6 Net Carbs

IKDiet® Phase 1 Compliant, Great Taste (14 Wraps Total) (2 Packs Ea w/ 7 Wraps)

90 Calories Per Wrap, Makes Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian Diets Easy

Shelf Stable For Up To 10 Months In Your Pantry, Ingredients Promote Optimal Health

Imported from USA

(NOT Coconut Wraps) (14 Individual Wraps Total) These 100% Organic Ingredient Paleo Wraps® have revolutionized the Paleo
community. Our Paleo Wraps® are a convenient, tortilla alternative for your Paleo Lifestyle. Whether you are travelling
abroad, eating at your favorite restaurant or just going to work, school, or home, these portable wraps are for you.
With a shelf-life of ten months, there is no need to refrigerate or freeze these "tortillas" at all. You may enjoy our
wraps after storing in near room temperatures. Our unique way of naturally preserving this product ensures freshness.
But be sure to place them in your fridge upon opening. 90 Calories 6 Net Carbs (fiber minus carbs) Larger size 7 1/2
inches Delicious savory taste (No More Coconut Taste) Healthy? Absolutely. Our Organic Paleo Wraps® are derived the
highest grade organic ingredients on the market. They are nourishing since they are made with organic prebiotic fiber
and other amazing ingredients that promote optimal health. This Paleo staple is extremely pure and each ingredient is
hand selected to help you to your health goal. Not to mention, they are gluten-free, grain-free, corn-free, soy-free,
dairy-free, and egg-free. Oh, and did you know that our unique organic prebiotic fiber promotes weight loss helps to
curb appetite and improve digestion without bloating? Now you do! Versatile? You bet. Feel free to create whatever dish
you're craving with our wraps. Whether you desire burritos, quesadillas, sandwiches, sushi, crepes, or just a simple
snack, our Paleo wraps are ideal for stuffing whatever you see fit into them. You are only limited by your creativity.
They don't tear or fall apart and the texture's amazing. Paleo Wraps® are low in calories, carbs with zero sugar and no
cholesterol whatsoever. Adding these scrumptious "tortillas" to your low calorie diet, is perfect. You can't go wrong
with these low carb wraps either.