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Julia's Vaulting Dream

Product Description

Imported from USA

Nine-year-old Julia has a reoccurring dream where she’s standing on the back of a cantering horse with her arms up in
the air. When she tells her mother about this dream, she’s pleasantly surprised to learn that her dream isn’t a
farfetched fantasy but, rather, is based on something very real that she saw when she was a baby.

Julia’s mother explains that what she saw in her dream is known as equestrian vaulting. It is a competitive sport
celebrated all over the world, and Julia had attended such a competition when she was just two years old.

Fascinated with the images that stuck with her for so long, Julia makes up her mind to learn more about the sport and
decides that she wants to compete, no matter what. But there are numerous obstacles that stand in her way. With nothing
more than a faint memory guiding her way, can this little girl turn her dream into a reality?

A story of desire, resolve, and unyielding commitment to one’s dreams, Julia’s Vaulting Dream is a compelling tome that
will not only educate young readers on the elements of an unconventional sport but will also inspire them to follow
their own dreams.