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The Gravy Boat Voyage

Product Description

Imported from USA

Barron loves nothing more than to wear his sailor’s cap and to play all day in his bedroom with his toy ship while
imagining himself being a captain. However, he has to sit downstairs with his family for every meal, which is utter
torture for him. Being served experimental dishes made with disgusting pears and having to watch his annoying sister be
the center of attention makes meal times for Barron practically unbearable! That is until one night, after zoning out,
Barron soon finds himself sailing away across the dinner table in, of all things, an antique gravy boat! On his voyage
he discovers many food-themed islands and encounters many food-themed inhabitants in this hysterical and captivating
story. “The Gravy Boat Voyage” is Doc Colour’s 5th and most ambitious children’s book to date. This is his first
chapter book: containing 30 small chapters and fully rhyming from beginning to end. Every page is witty and wonderfully
clever in this outlandishly imaginative book. Its “Alice in Wonderland” meets “The Odyssey” all rolled up into one. Join
Barron on his gravy boat voyage across a dinner table-SEA!