Sassy Soft Spout Tub Guard, Green

by Sassy

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  • Fits easily over most bathtub faucets
  • Flexible plastic covers tub spout guard
  • Whimsical character makes bathtime fun
  • Sassy Soft Spout Guard
    Sassy Soft Spot Guard will ease your worries and make child's bath comfortable while still keeping it fun-filled. It
    fits effortlessly and firmly over most bathtub faucets and prevents accidental bumps and bruises. The friendly frog
    makes for an ideal bathing companion for your child.

    Why You'll Love It: It fits conveniently over most bathtub faucets, so you don't have to worry about injuries during

    Age: Newborn and up

    Features* Fits most standard bathtub faucets
    * Prevents accidental bruises and bumps while bathing
    * Frog makes for a friendly bathing companion for your child