Beaute Galleria - Bundle 3 Pieces Chignon Brown Hair Donut Ring Style Bun Maker (Large, Medium, Small)

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Product Description

Beaute Galleria is a registered trademark of Beaute Galleria LLC and is exclusively distributed by Beaute Galleria. Beaute Galleria trademark is protected by US Trademark Law.

Beaute Galleria Brown Color Hair Donuts. NOTE: Due to differences between monitor displays, actual color may vary slightly from image.

Fashionable and beautiful. Great for creating new perfect bun. Keep your hair neat and tidy.

Easy to use. Adds volume and fullness to your hairstyle.

Package include: 3 Pieces of Beaute Galleria Hair Donuts (Large, Medium, Small each one piece).

How To Use:

1) Pull hair back into a high ponytail and secure with elastic at the crown.

2) Place the hair donut at the very end of the ponytail and pull strands through the hole in the center. Starting in
the front, smooth your hair over the donut, tucking the ends underneath. Try to disperse hair evenly around the donut.

3) Slowly roll the hair donut (along with your hair) down the ponytail until you reach the base. Flip the bottom side
of the hair donut upward from the inside out with both hands. As you roll, tuck loose strands underneath the donut. When
you reach the base, fill in gaps in the bun by spreading hair out.

4) Tidy up loose ends and strands by pinning them around the base. To make the bun fuller, gently tug and tease strands
from the center portion of the bun outward.