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Felson Billiard Supply – 8 Cue Corner Pool Cue Rack – Easy to Assemble Pool Cue Rack – Made from Beech Wood

Product Description

HOLDS 8 POOL CUES - The Felson Billiard Supply 8 Cue Corner Pool Cue Rack securely holds up to 8 pool cues so you'll never have to lean them against the wall or store them under the table again

STORE A FULL BALL SET - Forget about leaving the balls on the table, each rack has room for a full set of pool balls so they're packed away neatly

COMPACT DESIGN - The Felson Billiard Supply Pool Cue Rack is perfect for small spaces; it takes up a mere 22.4 inches by 15 inches so you'll have room to move

HIGH-QUALITY BEECH WOOD - It fits in perfectly with any pool room, the moderately colored rack suits any classically themed table and set

INCLUDES 4 CUP HOLDERS - Tired of cups being left around the room? Your buddies will now have somewhere to keep their drinks while they're playing

Imported from USA


Don’t you just hate it. There’s never enough space in your pool room. You have to lean cues up against the wall. The
balls end staying on the table all night. And when your buddies are over there’s drinks everywhere. All you wanted was a
little room to play some pool! But it’s always so cramped…

What if there was a solution? Say, something that could give you a little more room.

Read on, you’re going to want to hear this.

The 8 Cue Corner Pool Cue Rack by Felson Billiard Supply is every billiard lover’s dream…. especially if you’re short
on space. The rack holds 8 full sizes cues so they’ll never be left leaning against the wall or even worse laid on the
floor. To add to that, you can comfortably store an entire set of billiard balls in the specially designed holding area.

But better yet it fits perfectly into small spaces, taking up only 22.4 inches by 15 inches! Each rack looks great as
they’ve been expertly crafted out of premium beech wood. The moderately colored rack goes hand in hand with any
classically designed pool room.

As if you weren’t sold already, the 8 Cue Corner Pool Cue Rack also includes 4 cup holders. Your buddies will never
have to leave their cups laying around ever again.

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