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Color Oops Hair Color Remover Extra Conditioning 1 Each

Product Description

removes permanent

semi permanent hair color

Safe and easy

Ammonia free

Bleach free

Imported from USA

INDICATIONS: Color Oops Regular Strength Hair Color Remover Gently removes permanent & semi-permanent hair color.Takes
you back to your original color.Color Oops is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair color in just 20 minutes.
Color Oops Hair Color Remover Features: Takes only 20 minutes. Safe and easy. Ammonia free/Bleach free. Re-color the
same day. Color Oops reverses the hair coloring process by shrinking down the hair color molecule so small that it
simply washes away. Color Oops! is bleach and ammonia free and will not have the same damaging effects as bleach or
ammonia based products. Regular Strength:Under 48 hrs - For removal of hair coloring applied within the last 48 hours.
Since some permanent hair coloring lightens hair during the coloring process, removal of artificial coloring may not
restore your hair to its original, natural shade. Color Oops will restore your hair color to its lightest shade,
regardless if it is natural or artificial.