Killerspin 700-02 Throw Table Tennis Robot

by Killerspin

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  • Advanced table tennis robot used for fun, practice or an intense aerobic workout
  • Wireless remote Controlled
  • Adjustable speed up to 100 balls per minute
  • Various degrees of topspin and backspin
  • 10 points of left-to-right ball location
  • Serve capacity of 25-105 balls per minute
  • Speed of 9-90 Miles Per Hour
  • Spin Modes: Top and Under
  • Wireless IR remote control
  • One year Manufacturer Warranty
  • If you are looking for the ultimate table tennis robot, the Killerspin Throw is designed for you. Killerspin’s
    first-ever table tennis robot incorporates high-tech functionality into a simple design. The Throw has been developed to
    teach the sport of Table Tennis to the casual player, train the advanced player for intense competition and everyone in

    The Throw can be set up in less than 10 minutes; simply remove from the box, affix to the end of a standard table tennis
    table, connect the power supply and ball collection net, fill with balls and start hitting!

    Killerspin Throw

    With a red base, blue net and gray wireless remote control the Throw will add style to any game room.

    Killerspin Throw

    Includes storage backpack.

    Simple Set-Up
    Weighing only 17 pounds, the Killerspin Throw arrives pre-assembled and ready to play coming out of the box. Setup time
    is less than 10 minutes. Simply unpack the Throw and hang it on the end of your table tennis table. Plug in the power
    cord, add balls to the hopper, turn on the unit with the wireless remote control and you are ready to play!

    Robot Functions
    With three (3) playing modes (Program, Random and Fixed), top and under-spin controls, serve-frequency settings, five
    (5) serve-placement settings and a wireless remote control, the Throw has the capability to accommodate every type of
    player from a first-timer to an Olympic Champion - like Killerspin’s very own Ilija ‘Lupi’ Lupulesku.

    Serve Capabilities
    The Throw presents a multitude of serve opportunities to keep players at any level engaged. The entire operation is
    managed from the wireless remote – one of the only robots in the industry to have a wireless remote. - Twin serve
    wheels: unlike the majority of robots, the Throw has two (2) serve wheels. This allows for more consistent serves and
    the ability to better control speed and spin – both top- and under-spin. - Five (5) landing points on the table. The
    Throw is capable of delivery serves to five different points on the table allowing the player to experience real-life
    serves. - Serving Speeds: Serves can be delivered at speeds ranging from 9 mph up to 90 mph! - Serve Frequency: Get
    ready because the Throw can deliver up to 105 balls per minute, or as few as five balls per minute. - Top-and-under
    spin: In order to simulate real-life games, the Throw has been developed to deliver true serves consisting of both top-
    and under-spin. The rate of spin (how many revolutions the ball is experiencing) can be adjusted by the user via the
    wireless remote control.

    Playing Modes & Controls
    - Program Mode: Allows you to set a continuous loop of up to 30 serves including varying spin, placement and speed. The
    Program Mode can be used for practice or training and modified over time as your skills improve. - Random Mode: The only
    way to be the best is the play with the best and the Random Mode of the Throw can test your ability to handle a
    multitude of serves by randomly choosing serve locations on the table. - Fixed Mode: Need to focus on that backhand
    return? Want to perfect your smash? Set the spin, location and speed you desire and the Throw will delivery the same
    serve every time.


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