Product: 765574

Product Description

Includes two turkey heads, which can be mounted individually or together to proide the look of two goblers with only one turkey decoy,

Includes a lifelike synthetic beard that adjusts for length and can be removed entirely or replaced with a real beard,

Removable photo-reproduction fan included that can be re placed with real fan,

Features a realistic paint scheme, designed by turkey hunting legends Harold Knight and David Hale of Knight and Hale Game Calls,

Made with soft and pliable material for easy folding and transport.

Imported from USA

The Peep'N Tom Gobbler Decoy comes with two exact-replica heads: one in a "strutting" position and the other in an
"active" state. Both are molded from r eal freeze-dried taxidermy turkey heads for exacting realism. The Peep-n Tom is
molded after the Pretty Boy turkey decoy but is 10% smaller, more versatile and more realistic looking. Includes 2