Washable palm nylon back fencing glove

by Physical Chess

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Product ID: 766056


  • Comfortable feel for all three weapons: foil and epee and sabre.
  • Washable (by hand in cold water; do NOT put in dryer) to get rid of smell
  • Reinforced non-slip thumb and point finger ends with slightly padded adjustable cuff
  • No need to "break in" this glove like the leather ones--it always stays soft!
  • Sold individually--for your fencing hand only
  • This, our most advanced glove, is an all-around upgrade of our very good basic models. The most significant differences
    are that this glove's palm is made of synthetic suede--non-slippery surface is ideal for those who want a "closer" finer
    feel of the weapon they are holding. The back of this glove is stretch nylon and, the back of the hand is padded and
    more durable-feature desirable by both foil and sabre fencers. This model incorporates the sophisticated features of the
    other models - padded back of the hand; adjustable Velcro-closing on elastic; streamlined non-padded elastic cuff that
    conceals and protects body cord, hugs jacket sleeve and limits target exposure. Sold individually. Colors vary.


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