Leather Palm and Back Fencing Foil Sabre Glove

by Physical Chess

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Product ID: 766060


  • Best protection for foil and sabre fencing
  • Back of the hand is padded Leather -- NOT recommended for epee fencing
  • Gives a good feel of the weapons due to thinness of the leather in the fingers
  • Slightly padded back of hand and velcro style opening of the cuff
  • Sold individually for your fencing hand only
  • The most significant differences are that in this model both the palm and the back of the glove are leather and, most
    outstandingly, that the leather itself is thicker and more durable. Thicker and more durable, but still allowing for
    blade feeling. This model incorporates the sophisticated features of the other models - padded back of the hand;
    double-layer of thicker leather over thumb, forefinger and heel of palm to resist wear; adjustable Velcro-closing on
    elastic, streamlining cuff that conceals and protects body cord, hugs jacket sleeve and limits target exposure. A fine
    and durable glove. Sold individually.


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