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Adults Guide To Better Swimming

Product Description

Imported from USA

A step by step process that tackles the common issues adult swimmers face.

Have you ever started out with the intention of swimming laps to get fit but given up when it turns out to be much
harder than you thought? Or do you find yourself gasping for breath after swimming a mere 50 metres? Or have you just
always wanted to be a better swimmer?

If you have then Adults Guide To Better Swimming is just for you! Created specifically for novice, recreational swimmers
it focuses on the basics with simple, easy to understand language and helpful illustrations.

Adults Guide To Better Swimming starts with the core foundations of swimming:

* Bubbles and Breath Control
* Body Position
* Breathing Efficiently

Those skills may seem simplistic, but it is where most adult swimmers fall down in their attempts to swim any kind of
distance. Once you are proficient in the basics it then moves onto:

* The Basics of Technique (efficient kicking, stroke correction)
* Analysing your stroke and detecting weaknesses
* Fitness Building (in manageable stages) including NINE complete training programs at beginner, intermediate and
advanced levels.

Although Adults Guide To Better Swimming focuses mainly on Freestyle, it also covers the basics of backstroke and

Other topics covered include:

An equipment guide

* The best time(s) to swim
* Helpful drills
* Ocean and open water swimming

Perfect For Beginners!

Adults Guide To Better Swimming is aimed at beginner or self taught swimmers. You will need to be able to submerge
confidently and perform a basic freestyle only. It is not designed for experienced swimmers or those seeking
comprehensive stroke correction.

Readers said......

"There are not many books that address the issues beginners face in such a positive way...."

"....does a great job of breaking the task down into easy, manageable steps....."

"This is a very well written and helpful book..."

Updated in March 2014 to include illustrations. Available in both paperback and kindle editions.

Don't sit on the sidelines any longer! Let Adults Guide To Better Swimming guide you on the journey to becoming a fit,
proficient lap swimmer.