Flexible Flyer Ground Anchor Kit for Metal Frame Swing Sets

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Product ID: 767250


  • Anchor kit provides swing/gym set stability for four-legged metal play sets
  • Set includes four auger ground anchors, attachment hardware, and installation directions
  • Multiple attachment holes allow anchors to secure to a variety of metal play sets
  • Compatible with all Flexible Flyer steel swing sets (sold separately)
  • Designed for children from two to 10 years old; 180-day limited warranty
  • This Ground Anchor Kit allows you to safely anchor your metal frame play set into the ground--without concrete for
    greater stability and durability. Compatible with any four-legged Flexible Flyer steel swing set and many others, the
    anchors both prevent your play set from tipping when kids swing and prevent play sets from being shifted during strong

    The Ground Anchor Kit secures any Flexible Flyer swing set to the ground.