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Icy Cools Reusable Ice Cubes 45 Ice Cube( 2"X 2" cubes).

Product Description

45 Reusable Ice Cubes. Filled with 100% Purified Water. Safe & Non-Toxic. MADE IN USA. Simply Freeze and Use. Flexible When Frozen!

Approximately 2 lbs of Reusable Ice Cubes insures for long lasting cooling of 8-12 hours or more!

Great for picnics, beach, camping, back to school, baby bottles - ICE WITHOUT THE MESS!

15 Cubes are perfect for 6 Can Coolers - Use 30 for 12 Can Coolers and 45 for 18 can coolers

Small Size Cubes Distribute Cold and Prevent Crushed Sandwiches!

Imported from USA

Our ECO-FRIENDLY Innovative Reusable Ice Cubes. Surrounds food in cold ice but without the mess! Use for one large hard
cooler or divide them up for your smaller coolers and lunch boxes. 45 Cubes per pack provides ample cooling for three -
6 can coolers or two - 12 can coolers or one 18/24 can cooler. Great for summer, beach and back to school. Contains
purified safe water - so it is safe for the kiddies! Also great for keeping bottles cold for the baby or beer cold for
the game. Perfect for personal soft and hard sided lunch boxes AND for medium/large ice chests and coolers. Great for
picnics, parties and outings! Safe for children - Great for lunch boxes!!! Perfect for keeping food cold and can
additionally be used for first aid. Filled with Laboratory certified water - cleaner and purer than drinking water
8-12++ hours of cooling, 2 lbs Reusable Ice equivalent to 4 lbs of ice. Freeze and use! Lasts 30% longer than ice -
melting water insulates ice increasing cooling time. Can also be used in drinks without diluting the drink! Simply wash
with soap and water after use, then refreeze. Contains 45 2" x 2" x 1/2" ice cubes.