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Snoring Aid NASIVENT The Original Nasivent Tube Plus. Model 2017-18 - New Model. Now 5 sizes

Product Description

NASIVENT NEW MODEL 2017-18 Recommended by more than 1500+ ENT Doctors in Germany .More comfort and with smart Nose Lock.

Nasivent is made of 100% MEDICAL Silicone, comfortable and SAFE for daily use. Free of infection

Rating# 1 in (Germany) This device is covered by German Health Insurances. (PZN # )

As not one nose is the same, NasiVent Tube comes in five different sizes. Unbreakable, serves you many years.

Money back guaranteed. (Through the Amazon A to Z warranty) patented and design protected.

Imported from USA

Why Nasivent above all other tubes ? This original Nasivent is Medical Ergonomic designed with the hold-fast in the tip
of the nose. It stays in your nose without pressure as it "float" in the nose, and stay the entire night, making you
sure that breathing is done through the nose "the whole night". When losing "simple made tubes" in the night, wrong
breathing remain or returns what can be dangerous for our health... NASIVENT is free of plasticizers and other harmful
substances what can cause infections. (Bio-compatible to U.S. and EU directives). Our used material is also different
from many (uncontrolled) other products on the market. New clear Mark-Rings simplify customizing the tube to your nose
size, stay comfortable. Once bought, it can be used for many years. E.N.T. doctors have shown that the use of NASIVENT
remains comfortable even after a long time. The Nasivent is direct advised over the 1500 German doctors in Germany.
Research and testing were carried out by following doctors: Dr. Matthias Riemann / Specialists of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology,
Dr. Th Mandelkow / Dr. G. Salt ENT Outpatient surgery doctor. Use: anti snoring, anti allergic and all sports including
contact sports. Patent Pending. Model protection was officially obtained in 2015.© all rights