Careshine 2 Pack Funny Unique Novel Special Trendy Swanky Fashion Nice Sweet Cool Interesting Cute Plastic DIY Drinking Straw Eyeglasses, Silly Straw Glasses, Amazing Straw Glasses

by Careshine

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  • Colour: clear, yellow, blue. Colour shipped randomly.
  • A fun and novel way to sip your drink- great for kids and fun for adults.
  • Wear them on your head and take a sip - you`ll see the contents of your glass swirling before your very eyes!
  • Our Drinking Glasses are a fun gift for the young - and young at heart.
  • The "glasses" made of transparent long straw. What color beverage you drink, your "glasses" will become what color. Very
    humorous design!

    Package size: 13cm * 12cm

    Frame: 13cm

    Long straw: 65cm

    Short straw: 35cm

    Material : Environmental grade plastic. (through food-grade test , everybody can rest assured)

    Product design : curved round.

    Packing: individual opp bag.

    Note:[This is a cold straw. Forbidden to drink with hot water or other hot drinks, otherwise it will cause deform].


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