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Culina Premium Potato Ricer and Baby Food Strainer, BPA-Free 2 Stainless Steel Blades

Product Description

2 stainless steel interchangeable ricing discs. Coarse or fine ricing. Smart design grip extends from front of ricer to conveniently balance over pots

Forceless, easy use for smooth, no lump results. Push down handle to create silky smooth mash

Large hopper area to accommodate preparation large party. Plunger's angle espouses the shape of the hopper area for a fluffier, richer result

Heavy duty, fortified plastic for long lasting use. Durable, utilitarian suited to professional or home uses

100% Culina Satisfaction Guarantee

Imported from USA

Do you wish for an efficient way to start a healthy diet and eat more veggies? Are you looking to feed baby your own
homemade puree full of nutrients and love? Time to regain control over meal served at the family dinner table (or baby's
high chair) time to equip your kitchen with Culina Potato Ricer. Ditch preservatives and the countless other harmful
chemicals for good. Culina Potato Ricer is so easy and quick and efficient to use, you'll wonder what took you so long
to get started! Utilitarian, daily use and great performance every time Constructed with a fortified plastic material,
our ricer boasts a 3.25"x3" hopper area large enough to accommodate cooking for a large party in one sitting. Extra
perforations of the ricing dish make for smooth, fluffy mashed vegetables. No lumps, no mess; the mashed food travels
through the blades' spuds directly. No clumping food back inside or splattering all over the kitchen as the ineffective
contraptions would! Culina Potato ricer is engineered to elicit as little effort as possible from you and get the job
done! Healthy, nutritious, homemade family dinner and baby food Perpare scrumptious meals and side dishes with
time-efficiency and no extra effort: - Lift handle - Rotate it back, - Close by pressing the handle back towards you
Give a firm squeeze and voila! You've just created a healthy meal For your additional convenience, Culina Potato Ricer
is designed with a smart front grip for stability and balance over pots and recipients. Vegetables and fruits are mashed
in a quick, easy mash motion. Place the boiled vegetable or fruit in the hopper, press down, no extra force required,
food is ready. Looking smooth, tasty, fluffy and full of nutrients, just as nature intended. Stay away from processed
food, with Culina Potato Ricer, homemade baby food is a budget-friendly, healthy and flavorful experience! Your turn to