Seavenger Titanium Knife & Knife Strap for Scuba Diving / Snorkeling Diver (4 1/2" Blade) Blunt Tip

by Seavenger

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Product ID: 769418


  • Made with 100% Corrosion Resistant Titanium Alloy
  • Feather Weight(1/2 of Steel) with Molded Nylon grip for extreme comfort
  • Serrations, Line cutter, and Titanium butt for underwater signaling
  • Well balanced knife come with 2 Rubber strap
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Titanium construction are stronger, more durable, and also lighter in weights. Especially our titanium knife is
    constructed differently from other knives on the market. The ergonomic handle is specially injected onto the tang of the
    knife. The corrosion protection on this knife will really impress you, all it requires is a simple rinse and air dry.
    The butt can be used for underwater signaling. Knife is designed by scuba diver's and used by scuba divers. There are
    two (2) different design for different use: SHARP TIP and BLUNT TIP, available color in Blue/Black, Gray/Black,


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