Hobson Easyseat Ergonomical Dual Pad Bicycle Saddle

by Hobson

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  • Prevents pain, ride comfortably, longer & worry free
  • Eliminates many health related issues caused by conventional seats
  • Adjustable, unisex, seat pads move independently
  • Fits touring and exercise bikes
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • The Original Easyseat has adjustable (width) pads that move independently while pedaling for superior comfort. Since
    1982 - over 800 thousand sold and counting. Although this is our oldest model, the medical benefits it provides you, the
    rider, is just the same as any one of our higher end products. Simply put, this seat will eliminate all pressure and
    cycling related pains by placing the riders weight only on his/her sit bones.

    This is a true unisex bike seat.

    NOTE: The best position for the seat is sitting upright with handle bars positioned High. Some Bikes may require a 7/8″
    diameter seat clamp for installation (available off our website). This seat has been stress tested up to 450 lbs.


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