The Rosie Project: A Novel
The Rosie Project: A Novel
The Rosie Project: A Novel
The Rosie Project: A Novel
The Rosie Project: A Novel
The Rosie Project: A Novel

The Rosie Project: A Novel

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An Amazon Best Book of the Month, October 2013: Full of heart and humor, Simsion’s debut novel about a fussy,
socially-challenged man’s search for the perfect wife is smart, breezy, quirky, and fun. Sure, it’s the precise
equivalent of a well-crafted romantic comedy. (In fact, the book was clearly written with the big-screen in mind, and
the film rights have already been sold). But you’d have to be a pretty cynical reader not to fall for Don Tillman, a
handsome genetics professor who has crafted a pathologically micromanaged life for himself but can’t seem to score a
second date. After launching his Wife Project, which includes a hilarious questionnaire intended to weed out imperfect
candidates--smokers, makeup wearers, vegans (“incredibly annoying”)--Don meets Rosie, a stunning, maddeningly
disorganized bartender/student who’s looking for her biological father. The reader knows just where the story is headed:
Rosie’s so wrong for Don, she’s perfect. That’s not giving anything away. Half the fun of the book is watching pent-up,
Asperger’s-afflicted Don break free, thanks to Rosie, from his precisely controlled, annoyingly sensible, and largely
humorless lifestyle. By the final third, you’re cheering for Don to shatter all his rules. And you’re casting the film.
--Neal Thompson