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Leather Side Piece Veg Tan Split Medium Weight 12 X 24 Inches 2 Square Feet

Product Description

Natural Veg Tan Leather Cowhide Split (NOT tooling leather)

2 Square Feet (12 x 24 inches cut as shown)

Medium Weight (range 3 to 4 oz;)

Approximately 1 to 2MM, or 1 /32 to 1/16" thick)

Dangerous Threads' Leather Products (our Amazon-registered branded products) are manufactured according to our exact specifications, then carefully cut, packaged and shipped exclusively from our factory as shown. Dangerous Threads, Inc. has no other wholesaler, distributor, or sales agent of any kind that distributes our registered branded products.

Imported from USA

About our Natural Undyed Veg Tan Cowhide Splits:

* In the tanning process, when veg tan topgrain sides are processed, the underpart of the side (known as the split) is
separated and sold separately. Grainy on both sides, pieces are medium weight (ranging approximately between 3 to 4
ounce) with pleasantly firm hand. (This is NOT topgrain tooling leather with a smooth side; please see our other
listings for topgrain veg tan tooling leather for that product).

* Each piece is 2 SF; they are a natural light tan color, and are relatively even in thickness and consistency for
splits. A lot of great leather for the money... Costs way more on the open market, if you can find it. We have shipped
hundreds of these sides to happy customers all over the country.

* Great for knife sheaths, pet toys, key fobs, straps, mocassins, shoe insoles, Native American crafts, strops for knife
sharpening, belt and purse linings, shop aprons, fringes and trims, garment applications; inlays, repairs, pillow
backings, patches, woodburnings, scout crafts, and a thousand other uses...