Qualcraft WW03644 1 Pair of 6-Foot Long Wall Walkers with 44-Inch Arm

by Qualcraft

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Product ID: 774148


  • 1 Pair 6-Foot Long Wall Walkers w/44-Inch arm Hanging Scaffolding Systems
  • The Wall Walker features an adjustable platform for width and height
  • The Wall Walker folds up for easy storage and transport
  • The Wall Walker accommodates walls up to 8-Inch thick or 14-Inch thick with optional 14-Inch Slider tube accessory
  • The WallWalker hanging scaffolding system is perfect for soffit, truss, and roofing installation. This particular system
    has a 6 Ft. vertical arm and a 44 In. platform arm. The system conveniently hangs over concrete and wood walls. Each
    system is rated for a capacity of 2 workers plus 75 lbs. for every 6 ft. The system can also be installed as a
    through-the-wall configuration with the use of a wallplate bracket.