• SLES, SES and paraben free made from the highest grade ingredients, all petacom shampoos, conditioners, dry baths, perfumes and grooming sprays are ph adjusted and free of parabens, sulfates, SLES, SES and DEA.
  • For all skin and breed types our grooming products are extremely gentle making them safe for dogs with allergies and other sensitivities can be used on puppies as well.
  • We manufacture premium quality, environmentally friendly products composed of ingredients that are safe for your pets.
  • Imported from India.
Petawash is a specially formulated shampoo for your pets that cleanSES gently and thoroughly, leaving their coat brilliantly shiny, soft, supple and plush. It is a professional quality, non-toxic product. and petafoam dry bath is a high-quality formulation to provide easy and speedy clean up to your dog. Finest quality of ingredients has been carefully processed to make a grooming product which is ph adjusted and free of harmful chemicals. Filled up with the lovely fragrance of lavender, petafoam is appropriate for all breeds of dogs. The time-saving and water-saving formulation secures your pet against dirt and odors. And petasoft is a shine enhancing cream conditioner that effectively detangles, enriches and revives a pet's coat. IDEAlly suited for use after shampooing, this conditioner is specially formulated to restore the silky, shiny, healthy feel to the canine fur while improving manageability. Petapaw a blissful balm that relieves dry and cracked paws with the goodness of shea butter and vitamin E. Petapaw silk paw butter comes in two variants, with either lemongrass essential oils or vanilla extract. . It's great for any pet but especially for those pets that love to run on concrete and hard surfaces. It's also perfect for the winter, because just like people your pets paws tend to dry out. It's made with shea butter and enriched with vitamins E. All you have to do is just gently massage into paws.

Petacom Best Grooming Combo for Tick Free Dog, Vanilla and Lemongrass Extracts, 750 g