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Forbidden Island

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Product Description

2010 Mensa Favorite Brainy Games Winner

Join a team of fearless adventurers on a do-or-die mission to capture four sacred treasures from the ruins of this perilous paradise

2 to 4 players

Strategic thinking, problem solving and cooperation required

Ages 10 and up

Playing time: 30 minutes

Imported from USA

You and your team can be the first to breach the borders of the Archeans' ancient mystical empire in the collaborative
card game Forbidden Island, by Gamewright. In this game, teamwork proves essential to locate the Earth Stone, the Statue
of the Wind, the Crystal of Fire, and the Ocean's Chalice as the Island floods beneath your feet. Adventure... if you

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* Ages: Ten and up
* Requires: Two to four players

At a Glance:

* Be the first team to breach the borders of the Archeans' ancient mystical empire
* Locate the Earth Stone, the Statue of the Wind, the Crystal of Fire, and the Ocean's Chalice before the Island sinks
* Find the treasures through collaborative play and teamwork
* Stimulates problem-solving and strategic skills

Gamewright Forbidden Island Breach the borders of the Archean empire to locate the four sacred elements. View
larger. Gamewright Forbidden Island Work collaboratively with two to four players to locate the treasure.
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The Legend of the Archeans

This game is centered on the legend of the Archean empire, a civilization that possessed the ability to control the
Earth's core elements--fire, wind, water, and earth--through four sacred treasures. These treasures stayed hidden from
enemies for years on the Forbidden Island, which was designed to sink if intruders ever attempted to capture them. Set
the appropriate water level for your gaming skill, and let the adventures begin!

Capture the Four Sacred Treasures Before the Island Sinks!

Your team of adventurers must work together to keep the Forbidden Island from sinking as you seek the four treasures
hidden within. The mission is carried out using different combinations of Flood, Treasure, and Adventurer Cards on the
24 tiles that make up the Forbidden Island. Once you've captured each treasure using the appropriate cards, you must
make it to Fools' Landing and escape by helicopter in order to win. If the island sinks before you complete your tasks,
the mission ends in defeat.

Use Collaborative Play to Succeed

Each player is dealt an Adventure Card and given a corresponding pawn before the game starts, designating him or her
with a certain set of strengths. This game is designed so that instead of competing with other players, you work to find
the treasures and find out how to best use each Adventurer's strengths through collaborative play. This stimulates
problem-solving and strategy skills.

What's in the Box

Water level marker, water meter, 58 playing cards, 24 island tiles, 6 pawns, 4 treasure figurines, rules of play,
Gamewright catalog, and comment card.