Guesstures Game

AED 314
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Product Description

This game is like Charades on 'Speed'!

Can you act out four words before the Mimer-Timer swallows their cards?

So think fast! Act faster! Grab the most points to win!

For ages 12 years and over; 4 or more players

Made in USA; motor made in China (No Batteries Needed)

Guesstures turns up the heat on the tired game of charades with a few modernizations. Good, quick pantomiming is still
the thing, but now teams need to act out and guess four words in a matter of seconds. The "mimer-timer," designed like a
movie scene board, controls everything. The actor draws four word cards and places them from easiest to hardest in the
timer unit for each scene. After the arm swings down for "Action," time is rapidly eaten away and so are cards as the
performer gestures wildly like a silent movie actor. When the cast guesses the word, the actor grabs the card before the
"mimer-timer" does. Whew! It's a lot to think about. Each word is rated based on difficulty, so whatever cards the team
correctly guesses and the actor manages to seize are tallied up and recorded. --Lynne Sampson