• Amazing teeth whitening treatment that is an efficient alternative to teeth whitening gels, pens, lights & other whitening products..
  • Works efficiently compared to alternative teeth whitening methods: our unique blend of ingredients works hard to restore your best smile, while it can potentially remove tea, coffee stains, wine stains.
  • Active charcoal toothpaste is specially formulated to ensure even the most delicate teeth won’t suffer. Our unique blend of ingredients works hard to restore your best smile, while safely removes, detoxify your mouth, Fights cavities, plaque, bacteria, gingivitis and preventing tooth decay..
  • Competitors charcoal toothpaste is runny and watery. We engineered our extra thick charcoal toothpaste to stay on the brush well and buff the stains off your teeth faster for all natural teeth whitening. Don't waste your time with messy powders or runny pastes that aren't effective. Perfect for coffee drinks, smokers and yellow brown age stains. Have your teeth shining like a diamond instantly!.
  • Imported from INDIA.
Size:Pack of 1 Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Is Safe To Use For Whitening Your Teeth, While Being Easy On Your Gums. Naturally Whitens Your Teeth, Not Through Harsh Dental-Grade Whitening Peroxides, But Through The Toothpaste Of Activated Charcoal, Nature’s Best Purifies And Detoxifies. Whiten Your Teeth Naturally By Choosing The Healthvit Premium Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste, Which Contains Activated Charcoal. Now You Can Finally Start Smiling With Confidence Again And Effectively Remove Harmful Bacteria, Coffee, Wine, Cigarette Or Tea Stains From Your Sensitive Teeth. • Keeps Teeth Bright White • Removes Bad Breath • Promotes Optimal • Oral Health • Safe And Natural Ingredients: Charcoal Powder. Direction Of Use: • Place a pea-sized amount of charcoal toothpaste on your toothbrush. • Brush normally.

Healthvit Activated Charcoal Toothpaste For Teeth Whitening, Best Natural Whitener, Fluoride Free, Sulfate Free Mint Flavour (100g) - Pack of 1