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Product: 802470

12PCS "Tool-less" CCTV Camera Video Balun Transceiver (Snap on Style)

Product Description

6 PAIR (12pcs.) Mini Snap on CCTV BNC Video Balun

Step 1: It incorporates a transparent cover which opens to allow access to the CAT-5 wire connector. The cover flips up easily by inserting your fingernail under the two hooks behind the cover and gently pulling upwards.

Step 2: Hold straightened wire pair approximately 3/4 of an inch from the end and insert firmly (with a slight upward motion) into rectangular opening just below "+" and "-" symbols. NO NEED TO STRIP THE SIRES! Designed for use with solid 24 AWG wire.

Step 3: Close cover firmly until completely closed. The correct wire placement in the connector can be observed when cover is closed and the self-contained IDC connection will be complete.

Video transmission via UTP CAT5 cable; 10%~20% wire costs saved;

Imported from USA

6 PAIR (12pcs.) Mini Snap on CCTV BNC Video Balun.