Nikon D7000 Underwater DSLR Housing 6801.70 & DS160 Strobe Package 4060.1 by Ikelite

by Ikelite

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  • Package includes camera housing, DS160 strobe, ball joint arm, sync cord, Li-ion battery, charger
  • Housing has a depth rating of 200ft!
  • BONUS: comes with free 15-pack dessicant moisture absorber
  • The DS160 has a power rating of 160 watt-sec, and provides a 90° angle of coverage, which is increased to 100° when using the included diffuser.
  • Lens Port not included. Please purchase separately for your specific lens.
  • Controls are provided through the housing for every camera function except the diopter adjustment dial, preview button
    and flash pop-up button and kept water-tight with Ikelite pioneered Quad-Ring seal glands-proven to be the most reliable
    method of sealing controls. A large zoom control knob can be comfortably reached without removing your hand from the
    handle. Recording start/stop while in video mode is accessed effortlessly by the thumb of your right hand. The Super-Eye
    magnifier comes standard and offers enhanced visibility of the camera's viewfinder while wearing a diving mask. The
    camera's large LCD screen can be clearly viewed through the back of the housing. The live preview feature of the camera
    is accessible for framing your photos using the camera's LCD screen. DS160 Key Features: Brightest, Smoothest Coverage
    In a real world, side-by-side comparison, the DS160 remains one of the brightest strobes on the market. More
    importantly, the quality of light is exceptional due to a round flashtube and reflector designed specifically to
    delivery the softest, most even coverage possible. The DS160 remains the favorite of pros worldwide for delivering a
    warm light without needing to add a light-dimming diffuser. LED Focus Light: A bright, concentrated LED aiming light
    provides more than enough light for focusing or as a night diving light. The LED turns off and on when the strobe is
    fired, ensuring that no bright spots will ruin your photo. Need a video light too? Check out the DS161 Substrobe.


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