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Adam Equipment CPWplus 6 Bench Scale, 13lb/6000g Capacity, 0.005lb/2g Readability

Product Description

Bench scale with 6000g capacity and 2g readability (also called accuracy)

Indicator with large backlit LCD has six-foot cable to allow for placement where indicator is most readable

Stainless steel 300 x 300mm (W x D) weighing pan is corrosion resistant

Powered by six standard AA (LR6) batteries or the included AC adapter, for increased mobility

Programmable hold function enables dynamic weighing of unstable samples or in unstable environments

Imported from USA

The Adam Equipment CPWplus 6 bench scale has a capacity of 6000g and an accuracy of 2g (also called readability), and
an indicator with a large backlit display for clear readings in either bright or dim lighting. The six-foot cable allows
the indicator to be placed where it is most readable, out of the way of the platform. Using the integrated bracket, the
indicator can be mounted on a wall or propped on a table and then tilted to adjust the viewing angle. The steel platform
is durable and stable, and the stainless steel weighing pan resists corrosion and is easy to clean. This scale can be
operated using AC power, or six standard AA (LR6) batteries for up to 60 hours, for full mobility in the field and when
a power supply is hard to find. The auto off function can be enabled to power off the scale automatically after periods
of inactivity to conserve power. The scale has an automatic external calibration system as well as a programmable hold
function for dynamic weighing of unstable samples (such as animals) or in unstable environments.

The scale tares and weighs in four different units. The built-in RS-232 port connects to a computer or printer for
recording data, and printing can be synchronized with the scale’s hold function to print automatically when a
measurement is stable. When used according to manufacturer’s recommendations, this product is covered by a one-year


Maximum capacity 6000g

Readability 2g

Repeatability (sd) 2g

Linearity 4g

Stabilization time 2-3 seconds

Weight of scale 4kg

Units of measurement kilogram (kg), pound (lb), ounce (oz), pound and ounce (lb-oz)

Calibration mass User selectable

Power requirement 12 VAC, 150 mA or 6 AA (LR6) batteries

Weighing pan dimensions, W x D 300 x 300mm

Indicator dimensions, H x W x D 43 x 220 x 95mm

Weighing pan with platform dimensions, H x W x D 50 x 300 x 300mm

H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to
right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.

Scales or balances are measuring instruments used to determine the mass of an object. Mechanical balances are the
simplest type of balance, and use a lever and slide to indicate the measurement. Conventional balances are commonly used
in offices, the jewelry industry, and in kitchens, and display results digitally, but are less precise than analytical
balances. Analytical balances measure to a high degree of precision and accuracy (0.0001g or better), and display
results digitally. These balances have a cover with doors to prevent dust and airflow from affecting the measurement.
Moisture balances analyze moisture content in a material sample, using infrared or halogen heat sources to dry the
sample and then calculate the moisture content from the before- and after-drying weight, and display results digitally,
on the balance, or transfer the information for display on a computer.

Adam Equipment manufactures balances, scales, and related accessories for laboratory, educational, industrial, retail,
and medical applications. The company, which was founded in the United Kingdom in 1972 and has an office in Danbury, CT,
meets International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 standards.

What’s in the Box?

* Adam Equipment CPWplus 6 bench scale platform and pan
* Indicator and connecting cable
* Indicator mounting bracket and hardware
* AC adapter, approximately 5 ft. cord length, with U.S. two-prong plug
* Instructions