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Teeth Whitening Strips, Fancymay Non-Slip Dental Whitener Whitening Strips Kit with Coconut Oil, 14 treatments, 28 strips

Product Description

WHITENS YOUR TEETH IN 14 DAYS: Formulated with new whitening ingredients, Fancymay teeth whitening strips quickly and thoroughly dissolve tooth discolorations. The kit comes with 14 sets. Use one set a day to easily remove coffee, tobacco and other yellow stains. Your teeth will be several shades whiter after 14 days use, with long-lasting results.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE-FREE: Our products contain natural coconut whitening ingredients and deliver a fresh coconut fragrance. The gentle, hydrogen peroxide-free formula is enamel-safe and will not irritate gums. Enjoy teeth whitening without worry

CONTOURED AND COMFORTABLE: The strips easily contour onto your teeth with sufficient size and length. They are easy to apply without slipping off. You can even talk, drink, and run without discomfort during the application.

AFFORDABLE AND CONVENIENT: No need for expensive dental laser or chemical whitening treatments. Say goodbye to the useless teeth whitening toothpaste and the messy whitening powder that leaves residue and damages gums. Let the teeth whitening strips care for your teeth even when you are on the go.

100% RISK FREE PURCHASE : We offer full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our teeth whitening products. Choose Fancymay teeth whitening strips, restore your teeth to a pearly white Hollywood smile, show off your bright smile like never before.

Imported from USA


1. Peel

Tear open the foil packet. Remove strip with a dry hand and peel away from the carrier film.

2. Apply

Apply sticky gel side against your teeth. Line up with the edge of the gums and apply gentle pressure to mold the strip
securely to your teeth.

3. Reveal

Remove and discard the teeth whitening strips after 30-60 minutes. Clean off any remaining gel residue by brushing your
teeth and gargling.


1. White spots may appear temporarily. The spots will fade with continuous use of the product.

2. Apply after brushing teeth for best results. Do not leave on overnight. Remove within one hour.

3. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, or have tooth decay or gum inflammation. Not suitable for:
children under 16 years old, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

4. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse eyes with plenty of water if required. Discontinue use if pain occurs. Consult your
dentist if necessary. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dark place.


Glycerin, Aqua, Cellulose Gum, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Chlorite, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Citric Acid, D,L-Menthol.

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