• Completely cleans the stylus.
  • Reduces noise and distortion.
  • Removes accumulated deposits and particles.
  • Completely safe for all cartridge assemblies.
  • Preventing stylus and record groove damage.
  • Imported from USA.
A Clean Stylus Is Critical to Hearing the Most Detail and Best Sound from Your Vinyl LPs: Safe and Easy-to-Use Last Stylus Cleaner Removes Dirt and Particle Build-Up, Guards Against Mis-Tracking A clean stylus is critical to getting the most from your vinyl LPs. Last Stylus Cleaner not only cleans your stylus of dirt and deposits, it acts as a preventive against further damage to your records caused by particle gunk that builds up on styli and gets into LP grooves. Safe and effective for any cartridge assembly, the treatment also reduces noise and distortion – and guards against mis-tracking. Plus, Stylus Cleaner will not spoil. Each bottle comes with an in-cap cleaning brunch for simple, easy use. Application Instructions: 1. Uncap the bottle. 2. Gently apply Stylus Cleaner to the stylus tip using the applicator brush that is built into the cap top. The brush is very soft and will conform to the shape of the cantilever tube and stylus tip. Always start at the point where the cantilever tube enters the cartridge body and sweep the brush towards the stylus tip. 3. Two or three brush strokes are normally all that is necessary to clean dust and debris off the stylus tube and tip assembly. 4. If there is a build-up of puffy powder on the stylus tip, repeat the above application. 5. Recap the bottle to prevent loss or evaporation.

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