Lady Classic Women's Nail and Ring Golf Glove - Size Large

by Lady Classic

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  • Left Hand Glove (for a right handed golfer)
  • Velcro closure
  • Comes with snap on Ball Marker
  • Nail and ring glove (special cuts for both you finger nails & ring)
  • Lady Classic Nail and Ring Women's Golf Glove

    It's our thoughtful finishing touches that make Lady Classic golf gloves the best you can wear!

    Now Lady Classic has designed a glove to specifically accommodate golfers with nails and ring.

    The contour fit provides a perfect comfort grip around your fingers and palm, completely eliminates bunching and
    bagging, and the durable open-tip fingernail and ring finger slots save your gloves from rips, wear and tear.

    No more bunching and bagging - a new level of sensitivity and performance.

    Better Grip:
    The contour fit hugs your fingers and palm for a custom grip.

    More Durable:
    The open-tip fingernail and ring slots save your gloves from rips, wear and tear.


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