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  • 🔝 Professional Hair Clips – Made of new non-recycled plastic, which confers them shine and very vivid colors, the hair clips are resistant, their premium quality being easily noticeable; the hair dye easily cleans off their surface. The stainless steel spring and the silicon band maintain a secure hold on the hair. The metallic blade from the lower side is resistant, it has smoothed top and edges, which prevents any accidents. The handle with anti-slippage particles makes the grip easy..
  • 💃 Hair Clips for Blow Drying - For a hairstyle full of shine and volume just as you would get in a hair salon, you can section your hair professionally with the help of the needle of Fagaci Round Brush and by tying the strands with the hair clips and preventing hair tangling around the brush, the hair is much easier to style, obtaining volume faster and more efficient with the Fagaci Brush.With this hair clips now you can get the same quality results as in a salon from the comfort of your home..
  • ✔️ Silicon Band – Unlike the hair clips with huge teeth that pull your hair, are unstable and difficult to use, these hair clips for women with silicone band are perfect for tying big or small sections of hair, no matter if your hair is wet or dry. The silicone band has a very important anti-slipping rile, maintaining the hair in place; also, it doesn’t pull the hair, which makes this styling hair clips very simple to use. They are ideal both for your and for your dear ones. Buy them right now..
  • 🏆 Hold your hair perfectly – The stainless steel spring has a very important role in holding the hair in place, combined with the silicon band, which doesn’t allow them to slip. The metallic blade situated in the lower part has the role of holding even big sections of hair in place, regardless of the hair type or length, without bending or leaving folds. Putting on and removing the alligator hair clips is easy and simple because, having no teeth, they don’t pull or damage the hair..
  • 💯 Widely Used - The performance and the innovative design of these hair clips make them multifunctional, and they can be used both for hairstyling, making every task easy and fast by keeping the sections of hair secure during hairdos, haircuts, hair dyeing, and as DIY accessories. With a sophisticated design, these hair clips allow you to choose depending on your preferences and the activities you plan to perform, whether is sports, fitness, yoga or going to a lecture hall or at the office..
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Fagaci Hair Clips | 12 Hair Clips for Styling and Sectioning with Silicone Band | Professional Hair Clips for Women - Salon Hair Clips and DIY Accessories - Durable, Anti-Slip