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Concealed Carry Deep Cover Holster - With Free Trigger Guard!

Product Description

100% USA MATERIAL & LABOR Includes a DROP AWAY TRIGGER GUARD designed to fit in the 4-LAYER gun pouch and DROP AWAY for a smooth and snag free draw when you need it most. Trigger guard provides an extra measure of safety by shielding your trigger with a tough barrier of high density polyethylene (HDPE). Elastic band holsters (bellyband, chest band or ankle) need a TRIGGER GUARD for SAFETY.

One size fits most. Chest sizes 36 to 50 Inches. 100% Materials and Labor - MADE IN USA.

Ergonomically designed holster securely and safely conceals your compact or subcompact automatic pistol. .45 ACP, 10 MM, 9MM, .380 and smaller. Holster will hold larger framed automatics though many will find the large frame full size automatics uncomfortable.

Manufactured for everyday use with heavy stitching and durable hook and loop. Hook and loop tested to A-A-55126 (GSA replacement for the MIL SPEC MIL-F-21840) with a life expectancy of more than 20,000 peels. Shoulder strap is heavy duty ribbed NON-Roll elastic. Hook and loop sewn vertically for no-pucker and no-buckle performance. Gun pouch is 4 LAYERS of 5" wide elastic for secure and rock-solid holding power.

Right Hand Draw. Pistol remains hidden under a dress shirt or a t-shirt, and stays secure while reaching with arms over head, bending or stooping. Ideal for situations where 100% concealment is desired. No clips to show over your belt. No bulges to show in your pocket or the seat of your pants.

Imported from USA

100% MADE IN USA Materials & Sewing! Close contact concealed carry holster designed for use where 100% concealment is an
absolute necessity. Ergonomic design functions safely in the office environment or for the more physically active in the
warehouse, delivery truck, or outdoor professions. WHAT'S IN THE BOX: MADE IN USA. White Elastic holster rig with super
tough trigger guard made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) CAUTION: Do not use holster without the trigger guard.
Never use any elastic type holster (belly band, chest or ankle) without a trigger guard. Without a trigger guard it is
easy to catch the trigger on the corner of an office chair while sitting down or other objects while standing or
walking. 100% USA Materials and Sewing.