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Rockville RDS30 Deluxe Thick Padded Foldable Drum Throne Stool Adjustable Height

Product Description

Rockville RDS30: Foldable Drum Throne.

Deluxe Extra Thick Padding & supportive cushion for fatigue free hours of drumming.

Die-cast seat and thick rubber feet for excellent stability.

Adjustable Height ensures comfortable playing.

Lightweight, stable, and comfortable.

Sturdy tripod base made with solid ear casting.

11" round seat top, 3" thick.

Weight Capacity: 265 lbs.

Imported from USA

Deluxe Drum Throne

Check out the new RDS30 from Rockville. We decided to not bother manufacturing those cheap thrones. We were more
interested in quality at a reasonable price rather than just making the cheapest possible throne. One of the main
differences between ours and others you will find on ebay are the mechanism. To adjust the seat up and down we have a
knob you turn to loosen and then you can pull the pin out and adjust the seat, and then you put the pin in and tighten
the knob. Since our throne has a knob you tighten the seat is secure and tight without shaking. The cheaper models on
the market only give you a pin without a knob to tighten it. If you have ever used a stand or throne with this mechanism
you will notice the shakiness. This cheaper mechanism is not sturdy. We decided to make our throne with only top of the
line mechanisms.

This has a collapsible design making it completely portable. This model has 2 knobs. One for adjusting the height of the
seat, and the other for adjusting the legs. The metal we use to manufacture these are clean and strong. Our Rockville
throne is also double braced for added strength. The cheaper ones out there use 2.5" padded seats. We upgraded ours to
3". It makes a big difference when sitting for long periods of time. We covered it with a round vinyl covered cushion.
The craftsmanship on this throne is truly great. I compared this unit to units from big famous brands and these are way
better and like a third of the price. These are extremely durable. Shock absorbing molded rubber feet keep the RDS30
from sliding, and the solid ear casting gives the RDS30 remarkable stability and durability. The RDS30 is height
adjustable from 18.9” to 24.4” so you can adjust it to meet your exact preferred playing position. This model is as
sturdy as a throne can be.