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FiiO E12 Mont Blanc Portable Headphone Amplifier

Product Description

Aluminum body built to withstand wear and tear

Speaker sound field simulation to lessen the "in-head" sound of headphones

22V high voltage supply with 850mW maximum output power for larger headphones

Charging indicator blinks according to how long charge will take depending on what it is plugged into

Charges fully via laptop in 3 hours

Imported from USA

Smart Recharging User Friendly charging indicator Utilizes LME49710 & LME49600 Op amps, resulting in near-zero
distortion at .00003% Large capacity Li-polymer battery provides +/- 11 volts, with total output power up to 850mW USB
smartcharge circuit allow charging from laptop/PC, phone, or tablet Ability to drive high-impedance headphones such as
planar-magnetic models gain switch, bass boost, and crossfeed durable and attractive aluminum enclosure