D-Link DAP-1525 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Media Bridge & Access Point

D link

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  • Setup in minutes, simply plug into your existing router.Supports Secure Wireless Encryption using WPA or WPA2
  • Smart Beam technology for whole home coverage.4 Gigabit ports for great wired connectivity
  • IEEE 802.11n, 802.11g and 802.11a Compliant.Works as a Wireless Bridge or Access Point
  • 5GHz Technology for Enhanced Media Experience and a D-Link Green product
  • Refer to the user manual under product details before installation
  • The Wi-Fi Booster enables you to extend your existing wireless network, providing coverage to your entire home. The
    Wi-Fi Booster uses Smart Beam technology to provide your home with complete coverage. Smart Beam seeks out and beams
    wireless signal directly to your wireless devices. By doing so, you get a stronger signal with less interference and
    less dropped connections. Smart Beam works in real-time, so you can move around your home with your wireless devices
    without losing this superior signal. Support@dlink.com, 877-453-5465 – General Tech Support/Customer Service


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