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Breaking Down Breaking Bad: Unpeeling the Layers of Television's Greatest Drama

Product Description

Imported from USA

Few television shows have won critical acclaim on the level of Breaking Bad, perhaps because few series are as worth
deep examination as Breaking Bad. Something about Walter White’s struggle with his inner demons resonated with us. The
idea that his foray into meth production was not merely a dalliance with darkness, but was actually a full-blown
awakening intrigued us. And most of all, the idea that we came to have no respect for the protagonist of our favorite
show utterly fascinated us. We couldn’t look away. Breaking Down Breaking Bad attempts to poke into the dark corners of
Walter White’s mind, explore the traits that make this show special, and revels in the joy of what is arguably the best
drama ever to appear on television. In doing so, it peels back the layers of what makes characters like Jesse Pinkman
tick, explores why we were so drawn to characters like Gus Fring and Mike Ehrmantraut, and relives some of the greatest
moments of this already legendary series. Because the show may be gone, but the conversation about it certainly isn’t.