SparkPeople Spark Activity Tracker, Matte Gray

by Sparkpeople

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  • Automatically tracks steps taken, calories burned, distance covered and activity minutes for walking, running, elliptical and cycling activities
  • Clips on pocket, shoe, belt or bra
  • Water-resistant and up to 12-months battery life
  • Free account on includes food tracker, workouts, articles, recipes, and supportive community, in addition to a personalized dashboard to view your Spark data, set and track goals and join challenges
  • Spark Activity Tracker

    Need a little extra motivation to be more active? The Spark Activity Tracker is like an exercise buddy encouraging you
    to fit more fitness into your day. Small enough to clip on to your pocket, belt, bra or shoe, it automatically tracks
    your daily steps, calories burned, activity minutes and distance covered. The Spark wirelessly syncs to your computer so
    you can view your results, set goals, earn trophies, and get extra motivation from others. Plus it fully integrates with
    the free tracking tools, healthy living content, and supportive community on, one of the largest diet
    and fitness sites on the web. Everything you need to reach your goals all in one place!

    At a Glance:

    Automatically records your all-day steps, distance, calories burned, and activity time. Tracks and automatically
    detects the following workout activities: walking, running, elliptical and indoor cycling. Waterproof and durable enough
    to handle your toughest, sweatiest workouts or a trip through the washing machine. No need to charge the Spark – the
    pre-installed battery lasts up to 12 months, plus we include an extra battery for free. Small and comfortable while
    wearing on your pocket, belt, bra or shoe (about the size of a quarter). View your progress to your daily goal with the
    circle of LED lights by simply tapping your finger. Syncs automatically and wirelessly to your PC or Mac computer via
    the included USB SyncPoint. Free membership to the website to view your progress, track your food,
    participate in challenges, and get support and encouragement to reach your goals.

    What's Included:

    Spark Activity Tracker with Battery Installed - Extra Coin Cell Battery - Wireless USB SyncPoint - Free SparkPeople

    Your Motivational Companion

    We could all use a little boost to fit more fitness into our busy lives. Each day you wear the Spark, you’ll think
    about your activity level a little more. When you clip it on, it's on your body and your mind—and you set goals for
    yourself, reach new milestones, and can earn rewards and trophies for your efforts. The Spark makes it easier to make
    the right choices—to go for that walk after dinner rather than sitting on the couch, or to walk the extra block instead
    of parking closer.

    Waterproof and Goof Proof

    The Spark is simple to set up, simple to sync and simple to use. You don't have to be a tech-savvy person to figure it
    out or enjoy it. Plus, since it is waterproof, it’s even more goof proof! So even if you accidently leave it clipped to
    your pocket, it can handle a trip through the washing machine. You can also wear the Spark in the pool, although it is
    not design to track swimming activities.

    Track Everything in One Place

    We make it easy to track your food, fitness, weight and more all in one place. By combining your Spark with the totally
    free food tracker, workouts, articles, recipes, and supportive community on, you get a comprehensive
    program to help you reach your goals. There are NO subscription fees to use SparkPeople or the Spark after your initial
    purchase of the device, plus it’s easy to stay motivated thanks to personalized emails, trophies, monthly challenges
    with real prizes, and feedback to help you get to the next level.

    Tap into Your Progress Anytime

    With a few taps of your finger, up to twelve LED lights on the Spark will illuminate, showing how close you are to your
    daily goal. For instance, if your goal is 6,000 steps, half the lights will glow when you’ve reached 3,000 steps. We
    recommend striving for 10,000 steps per day, but you can easily change your goal through your free SparkPeople account.

    Automatically and Wirelessly Syncs Your Data

    The Spark recognizes motion in your body and tracks that info all day. It will then wirelessly and automatically sync
    your data to your computer when you are within 50 feet of your USB SyncPoint (and your computer is on). After syncing
    to your computer, you can then view your results, set goals, earn trophies, participate in challenges and more on or through SparkPeople’s iPhone and Android apps. *The Spark only syncs directly to a PC or Mac
    computer, not a tablet or mobile device.

    System Requirements

    A computer is required to sync your data. Syncing via a tablet or mobile device is not supported. PC Requirements: 1
    GHz processor, 1 GB memory, 50 MB free disk space, Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8Mac
    Requirements: Intel processor, 1 GB memory, 50 MB free disk space, Operating Systems: Mac OSX 10.6-10.8. Please view the
    User Manual PDF below for additional information on the Spark Activity Tracker.