Paper House ST-2202E 6-Pack Photo Real Stickypix Stickers, 2-Inch by 4-Inch, Billiards

by Paper House Productions

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Product ID: 811925


  • High quality-archival
  • No borders
  • Fun to use and exciting
  • It's easy to use
  • Paper house productions photo real stickypix stickers, 2-inch wide perforated modules with vibrant, die cut imagery. The
    perforated module size can vary from sku to sku, 2-inch by 2-inch or 2-inch by 4-inch, but you always get the same total
    length, 12 inches. The pattern shown repeats on each perforated module. These are stickers without borders. Jazz up
    correspondance and envelopes, decorate all your favorite stuff. Pool, billiards, recreation theme