• COMPLETELY REDESIGNED now comes with ability to replace the collection bag (see product description)This new bag is the best we've ever made. Thicker than most other collection bags, double sealed, kink resistant tubing, new bed hanger, faster draining, SO MANY IMPROVEMENTS.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Urine rapidly drains from the urinal through our kink resistant tubing into a 2-liter collection bag leaving the urinal empty and ready for the next use.
  • WHY IT WORKS: We designed this system to help you and your caregiver stay in bed at night promoting better sleep and independence, reducing falls and spills, caregiver burnout, odor and brief use.
  • WHO IT WORKS FOR: Wonderful for continent people with mobility disorders, urinary frequency, post operations, have difficulty ambulating to bathroom, Etc. Also great for traveling and camping..
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: This System includes 1 Replaceable collection bag and 1 COMFORT MALE FIT urinal. This model is portable, Re-useable, easy to clean. Unique padded rim creates a better seal and increased comfort as compared to typical urinals.
  • Imported from USA.
NEW AND IMPROVED REPLACEABLE COLLECTION BAG!!! With the COMFORT MALE Advantage Urinal System and it's patent pending design, urine rapidly drains from the urinal, through the kink resistant tube and into a REPLACEABLE 2-liter collection bag, leaving the urinal Empty and Ready for the next use. Having an empty urinal throughout the night greatly reduces trips to the bathroom, falls, caregiver burnout, spills and linen changes. This system is designed for continent men with the ability to sense the need to urinate. Advantage Urinal Systems allow the individual and their caregiver increased rest and sleep. This amazing system can be used all night, throughout the day, while traveling and camping. The NEW REPLACEABLE collection BAG is equipped with an anti-reflux valve, decreasing spills and odors and eliminates the need for a lid. This bag is also thicker and more durable as compared to many collection bags. ONLY use Advantage Urinal System Replaceable Collection Bags with this system. Every Advantage Urinal System Model has been designed to save time and money while promoting independence and dignity. This System is easy to use. Follow tips on the included packaging for best results. You can now purchase replacement collection bags for this system. Keep the Urinal portion and after months of use discard the old bag and replace with a new bag. Easy twist connection

Reusable Portable Male Comfort Fit Advantage Urinal System with Spill Proof Collection Bag