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Tourna Pete Sampras Ballport, Holds 80 Balls

Product Description

LARGE CAPACITY: Holds 80 Balls

LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs only 4 lbs. Up to 50% less weight than other hoppers of similar capacity.

DURABLE: Made of heavy duty polypropylene. No wires to rust, paint to peel, or welds to break.

LOCKING HANDLES: Patented handles lock in both the up and down position. No more legs flying out from underneath the basket spilling balls. Legs are secured in with a mount so the legs will never fall out.

EASY PICKUP: Patented bars roll at the bottom to make it easy to lift balls into the basket, even when the basket gets full.

SECURE TRANSPORT: Sliding bars close at the top provide a quick and secure closure.

MEDIUM PROFILE: Stands 29.5-inches high

PRO ENDORSERS: Endorsed by Pete Sampras and the Bryan Brothers


Imported from USA

Ballport 80-Ball Basket is made of tough polypropylene. No wires to rust, welding to break or paint to peel. Handles
rotate and lock up or down for easy pickup and dispensing. Ships in a small, 2 wide by 25 high box. Assembly is easy
with panels locking into place and legs easily attached with provided screws. Rolling bars on the bottom help ease balls
into the basket and hold hold them in. Sliding bars on the top slide open to make dispensing easy, and lock closed to
hold balls during transport and storage. Handles lock into an upright position for ball collection, and in a downward
position for ball dispensing with a patented locking feature.