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  • ✔ DELICIOUS, HEALTHY & ORGANIC CEREMONIAL MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER - Looking for the best natural organic matcha green tea for making a smoothie or hot or cold detox matcha green tea? Look no further than our strong, high quality Japanese Matcha powder. Simply mix with water to create the perfect health boost matcha green tea for helping improve your lifestyle..
  • ✔ MAX QUALITY CEREMONIAL GRADE FORM - We have gone to great lengths to maximise the quality of our Matcha Japanese green tea powder. That is why our Matcha green tea powder is not just organic, but also conforms to Japans highest rank of Matcha Green Tea, the prestigious ceremonial grade matcha. This ensures you will be getting purity and the best health benefits and taste too with every cup of ceremonial grade matcha tea..
  • ✔ 100 SERVINGS OF CEREMONIAL MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER PER PACK - You get your moneys worth with our top quality matcha organic green tea powder that provides you with 100 servings for water based pure matcha powder tea drinks and latte blends. If you are baking, the powder will sustain you a. smaller number of servings but still plenty for healthy diet treats..
  • ✔ NON GMO, GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN HIGH GRADE POWDER - We have created a pure Matcha ceremonial green tea blend that is suitable for people of all diets. That is why our ceremonial grade matcha drinks powder has been made free of all gluten based ingredients and additives. Just pure Japanese matcha..
  • ✔ DETOX & CLEANSE - WeightWorld matcha green tea powder is full of antioxidants and detoxifiers such as polyphenols, l-theanine and egcg green tea extract that take the. stress of cells and help to keep your body in good health. Add WeightWorld matcha green tea powder into your daily regime now to start cleansing and loving your body again..
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Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder 100g - Makes Delicious Matcha Tea & Latte Drinks for Health Boost & Weight Loss, Hot Natural Energy Drink, Vegan Friendly Herbal Food Powder