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Product Description

The single-player portion of Portal 2 introduces dynamic characters, fresh puzzle elements, and a larger set of devious test chambers

The two-player mode features a separate campaign with unique story, test chambers, and two new player characters.

Advanced use of physics allow for the creation of a whole new range of interesting challenges, producing a much larger but not harder game.

A massive sequel to the title named 2007's Game of the Year by over 30 publications worldwide.

Players explore areas of the Aperture Science Labs and reunite with GLaDOS, the murderous computer companion.

Imported from USA

The highly anticipated sequel to 2007's Game of the Year, Portal 2 is a hilariously mind-bending adventure that
challenges you to use wits over weaponry in a funhouse of diabolical science. Using a highly experimental portal device,
you’ll once again face off against a lethally inventive, power-mad A.I. named GLaDOS. And this time you won’t be alone.
Meet an expanded cast of characters as you think your way through dangerous, never-before-seen areas of Aperture
Laboratories. Break the laws of spatial physics in ways you never thought possible, with a wider variety of portal
puzzles and an expansive story that spans a single player and co-operative game mode.


Portal 2 is a unique first-person Action-Puzzle-Platforming game that tests player's ability to think and act
creatively as they use the game's ingenious wormhole creating portal gun to produce their own paths through otherwise
sealed surfaces and across the open spaces of the game. Sequel to the original Portal game -- the surprise add-on hit
included in Valve Corporation's 2007 release The Orange Box -- Portal 2 continues the storyline from the first game,
featuring both new and returning characters, and poses a range of new challenges making for a much deeper game.
Additional features include a new two player co-op mode and an original soundtrack.

Portal 2 game logo
An old test chamber from Portal 2 ( ) Enjoy an expanded storyline
as you return to Aperture Laboratories to match wits with GLaDOS.
View larger. ( )
Atlas and P-body from Portal 2 ( ) New characters and
functionality expand the Portal gameplay experience.
View larger. ( )

Welcome Back to Aperture Laboratories

In Portal 2 players awake in the Aperture Science Labs as Chell, the heroine of the original game. A great expanse of
time has passed since the conclusion of the first game and the gameworld has fallen into visible disrepair, but placed
in suspended animation, Chell has survived intact and is revived. With the help of a robotic entity the concluding
events of the past game are revealed and you escape your initial confinement, but in doing so GLaDOS, the the AI
computer antagonist from the previous game is also reawakened. Just as fickle as ever, GLaDOS' motives are unknown.
Insisting on testing you, it may assist you but may also be planning something more sinister.


Like the original game, Portal 2 is a first-person Platform-Puzzle game. In the single player campaign players assume
the role of Chell, a former test subject trying to gain her freedom from the Aperture Science facility and GLaDOS, the
AI controller of the facility. Set in the test chambers of the facility your goal is to make your way through the game
levels using your portal gun (the Aperture Science Hand-held Portal Device). The portal gun creates temporary passages
through solid surfaces, allowing for creative platforming and multiple possible means of clearing a level. The game also
requires the player to solve puzzles at times to clear sections of levels. In addition to point-to-point movement
through portals, players can also utilize other means of movement of themselves and various objects. These include:
using the momentum of portal movement to make jumps to open positions like ledges; tractor beams; and special
propulsion/repulsion gels that can be carried or stored.

New Cooperative Mode

Portal 2 contains a multiplayer option in the form of a two-player co-op mode. This is playable both locally and
online, with split-screen functionality available in local play and in select places during online play. Players assume
the role of one of two robotic characters, Atlas or P-body, both new to the franchise. These two have separated from the
control of GLaDOS and so must survive its anger, divvied out in the form puzzles, obstacles and misdirection. Each
player has control of their own portal gun, which they use to platform through the game levels, avoiding its dangers and
relying on each other.

Key Game Features

* Extensive single player game featuring next generation gameplay and a wildly-engrossing story
* Complete two-person cooperative multiplayer game featuring its own dedicated story, characters, and gameplay
* Advanced use of physics allow for the creation of a whole new range of interesting challenges, producing a much larger
but not harder game
* Original soundtrack
* A massive sequel to the title named 2007's Game of the Year by over 30 publications worldwide.

Additional Screenshots

New gameplay challenges in Portal 2 ( ) New gameplay challenges.
View larger. ( )
An excursion funnel from Portal 2 ( ) Creative Puzzle
View larger. ( )
Dual laser action from Portal 2 ( ) All-new 2-player co-op
View larger. ( )
A first-person view from behind a portal gun in Portal 2 ( ) Exciting first-person
View larger. ( )