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Product Description


Plus Color CopyBoard M-12S


Imported from USA

Safety Instructions Safety Precautions Please read operating instructions before putting the machine into operation and
observe the safety precautions. In case of any concerns please feel free to contact us Children must not operate the
machine Do not reach into the feed-opening of the cutting head Long hair can become entangled in cutting head Take care
of ties and other loose pieces of clothing Be careful of loose jewelery Security Standards Shredders Security Standards
Paper shredders fall into six levels of security level 1 lowest to level 6 highest as defined in DIN32757. These levels
have been defined under different considerations about information media and security required. For normal home use then
a lower level of security is suitable. For an office where information such as personnel and wage documents are being
disposed then a higher level cross cut shredder model would be suitable. Level 1 Description Best for low level security
general paperwork Usage For shredding general internal document like vouchers forms etc Cutting 12 mm 0.47 strips
Standard Measurement Strip cut 10.5 mm 0.41 Particle Size 10.5 x 40 - 80 mm 0.41 x 1.57-3.14 Level 2 Description Ideal
for Everyday documents Usage For internal documents such as notes invoices printouts photo-copies Cutting 6 mm 0.23
strips Standard Measurement Strip Cut 3.9-5.8 mm 0.16- 0.25 Particle Size 7.5 x 40 - 80 mm 0.295 x 1.57-3.14 Level 3
Description Designed for Confidential documents Usage For confidential documents such as company internal documents
personal data Cutting 2 mm 0.078 stripscut Confidential Standard Measurement Strip cut 1.9 mm 0.074 Particle Size 3.9 x
30 - 50 mm 0.15 x 1.18 - 1.97 Level 4 Description Designed for Sensitive documents Usage For secret documents such as
documents and files relevant to the safeguarding of personal livelihood or a companys existence. Cutting 2 x 15 mm
particles Commercially Sensitive Standard Measurement 16 x 916-58 Cross Cut Level 5 Description Designe