Matcha Sense - Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Ceremonial Grade - Energy, Detox, Japanese Origin, Pure & Unsweetened - Easy Resealable Pouch - 100g Value Size

Product Description

ELIMINATE DANGEROUS TOXINS — Achieve the mental clarity, strong immune system and radiant glowing skin you've always wanted! The high chlorophyll content in our premium ceremonial grade matcha eradicates heavy metals and other dangerous toxins that can cause great harm to your body.

CLEAN ENERGY, LASER FOCUS, NO CRASH — Imagine not having to deal with brain fog, feeling anxious, or caffeine crashes ever again! Our particular grade of ceremonial matcha contains the optimal amount of l-theanine which works with your body to grant laser focus and long-lasting energy without you feeling terrible afterward!

BOOST YOUR METABOLISM — Getting rid of those extra calories is tough. Trust us we know. The powerful catechins found within premium grades of ceremonial matcha help you burn calories faster by increasing your body's metabolic rate! Our matcha powder is the perfect addition to any diet.

RELAXES YOUR MIND, EFFECTIVELY MANAGES STRESS — Do you constantly feel stressed and mentally drained? Fortunately, the levels of l-theanine found in ceremonial grade matcha lower chemicals that cause anxiety, stress and mental fatigue, promoting a zen-like state of calm alertness!

SUPERCHARGES YOUR MOOD, INCREASES CREATIVITY — There's nothing worse than being in a bad mood all day. Our premium matcha has just the right amino acids to promote brain activity associated with relaxation and creativity called alpha waves to make every day positive and productive!

Imported from USA

Size:Value Size - 100g (3.5 Ounce)


This purchase is fully protected by a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee. We are so confident in our product that we
will fully refund your entire purchase if you are unsatisfied. If this is the case, please contact us (the seller)
directly for a full no questions asked refund!

HIGH-QUALITY RESEALABLE PACKAGINGOur ultra-premium ceremonial grade matcha comes securely packaged in a high quality
easy-to-store resealable pouch, keeping your premium-grade matcha much fresher than the less secure thin foil packaging
our competitors use.

ETHICALLY SOURCED FROM THE MOUNTAINS OF NISHIO, JAPANUnlike others who source their matcha from China and other places
with low-quality soil in order to cut costs, all of our matcha comes directly from a trusted organic matcha farm in the
secluded Nishio region of Japan, sparing no expense in order to bring you high-quality matcha.

LUSH GREEN COLOR & DELICIOUS SWEET VEGETAL AROMAWe invite you to experience the sweet aroma of our quality ceremonial
matcha. While other brands who claim they sell ceremonial grade matcha have a dull brownish color with a flat smell and
muddy taste, our matcha proves its worth with a vibrant color, rich taste and smooth finish.

USDA & JAS ORGANIC CERTIFIED, NON-GMO, KOSHER & VEGANOur supplier is certified by the Orthodox Union and certified
organic by OCIA Japan. Because of this, you can be sure what you're putting in your body is 100% safe and clean.

facility, our matcha is quickly shipped to you from us in order to ensure the freshest quality possible.

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